Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Shocking Confession!

After being a strict vegetarian for over three years, I have recently begun to have rather strong cravings for chicken! And bacon if I am to be honest, but I can't bring myself to eat it. I have sampled a little chicken recently. My youngest and I are the only vegetarians here, and the other three guys call themselves "forced vegetarians." They deal, but aren't happy. This most often shows up when we are at church potlucks and they load up their plates full of meat!

I try to cook in a way that pleases us all, and feel like most of the time I do accomplish just that. But it does put limits on what and how I cook. There just aren't as many tasty veggie crock pot dishes.

Lately it has become apparent that a couple of my guys really do feel deprived. And after trying to up my protein thinking perhaps that was the reason for my bizarre cravings(the thought of meat typically sickens me literally) I have caved in and ate and rather enjoyed chicken.

I don't know whether this will be a short lived phase or if it will result in me consuming meat beyond poultry or what will come of it....I haven't really formed any deep convictions one way or the other. For now I will listen to my body and follow it's leading.

So, in the days to follow you will see a first here.....recipes that involve chicken! I have been told that for not eating meat I sure do cook it well, so you will have to try a few and let me know if that is true.


The Cooking Lady said...

I too still have some strong cravings for meat. And since I am still finding my footing back in the veggie world, I am not so hard on myself this time around.

For instance, thee other night I made a baked chicken and the rub was to die for and the smell was delicious, so I at the chicken skin, which was my favorite when I ate meat.

When I make my husbands tuna salad, I take a small taste to see if it is OK, I am not running back to meant, but I know soon enough I will be able to leave it all behind, so go easy on yourself, you will get past it, but know you are not alone.