Saturday, August 9, 2008

Recent "Yummy" Finds

I LOVE Green Tea and drink lots of it!! I am quite picky though and normally will drink ONLY Tazo's "Zen" Green Tea:

Recently though I discovered "Yogi Tea". All I can say is YUM!! But what is so neat about this tea, is the tag on each bag has a little meditation or thought. It is kind of like a fortune cookie! Silly as it sounds, like a kid with a fortune cookie, I get all excited to read my thought for the day as my tea is seeping!
They also have a great variety of black teas as well, my favorite being the Indian Spice. You gotta try these!

An even bigger recent discovery for me was Agave Nectar. I had some in my cupboard I forgot all about until one of my sons friends asked if we had some when we last made pancakes.

I LOVE pancakes, but don't get to eat them as I can't eat the cheap fake syrup because of my corn allergy(just another thing that the main ingredient is "corn syrup") and honestly I don't like the pure maple stuff and my kids wont eat it anyway.

Well, I decided to try some and again; YUM!! It tastes so good! It HAS to be better for you than the cheap fake stuff at the stores. My kids love it too, so no more of the high fructose junk for them either!! Give it a try, you'll like it!


The Cooking Lady said...

We are in the process of ridding our home of processed foods. Cereals was our first area, dressings are next and condiments are close behind.

Processed foods are everywhere. As is HFCS(High Fructose Corn Syrup). But we are on a journey to clean up our diet. That is not to say we are garbage, but most of us could stand some cleaning up.

We used agave for quite a while, on the recommendation of our doctor. That stuff is grand. But with the economy, we are forced to use maple syrup (Not a bad thing) and raw sugar, not the best, but certainly better than processed white sugar.

So if you can get your hands on some agave, I would say order it online by the case, it is much cheaper than by the bottle. We used to order 1 case of syrup and one case of the plain agave.


Red said...

This is my non-cooking blog. I had begun to put up a few recipes, but one day I noticed instead of writing, I was putting up recipes...three in a row.

So that was when it hit me to start a cooking blog, and the rest is history. If you want a bit of history, then read my first posts on both blogs,and then you will understand why I named my blogs their names. I tyhink it is a bit ineresting...especially The Cooking Lady (A very dear story to me).