Monday, August 18, 2008

Potato Tacos

It's been awhile....again...but we've been busy getting ready for out of town company and at the same time suffering from a little flu bug or something, UGH!!

When I used to work at my last job, one of the young girls mothers used to bring her and me lunch. One of my favorites were potato tacos. Usually I can taste a dish and know what is in it and mimic it almost perfectly at home. For some reason I couldn't this. For years I have craved it.

Recently I found a similar dish in my favorite cookbook. I am not going to copy the original recipe here, but just give simple, easy to follow directions. Again, this is one my meat eating older guys love around here!

First I boil some potato's. Sometimes right before I prepare this, sometimes if I know I will be making it later in the week and am boiling potatoes for another recipe I will make extras and keep them in the fridge until needed. For about 12 tacos I use 6 regular sized potatoes.

I also usually have on hand some of my homemade "refried" beans, if not I make them in the crock the same day(search "beans" for my recipe!)

I peel and dice the potatoes and cook in a little oil with some sliced onions. I add seasoning salt and garlic powder. I cook until slightly browned.

I warm some corn tortillas in the microwave then add a tablespoon or so of bean and a 1/4 cup or so of potatoes and fold over and fry in a little oil until just crisp. Then I add cheese and eat! You can add lettuce, avocado, or any other desired topping, but the flavor of these is so tasty, you really just want to enjoy it alone.


The Cooking Lady said...

Wow! We love tacos, and we definitely love potatoes, and especially home fries. We eat them any time of the day or night.

Like you I hope to try this one soon. Glad you are all OK and glad you are back to blogging.

And thos ebeans you scoped out on ym blog, they were easy schmeezy. I am used to a pressure cooker so that does not scare me, and then after they cooked down...oh-my-stars. I keep canned vegetarian beans on hand, but I will now be making my own. Woo-Hoo!