Monday, June 21, 2010

Chipotle Black Bean Avocado Burgers

The picture just doesn't do this yummy "burger" justice at all. I made these yesterday and even my meat loving husband said "I'd take this over a real hamburger any day." He also hinted the rest of the day how much he'd like another and even suggested we have them for dinner the same night!

I cheated and used Morning Star's pre-made burger as shown above. There are several great recipes on the web for black bean burgers, but I am fond of these, and they are great for those times you don't feel like cooking. The kids can even heat them up themselves. Also, our Costco had a coupon for these making them a great deal!

I also used the "Sandwich Thins" shown above just because they taste good and are so thin you can actually taste whatever you put on your sandwich and not just a lot of thick, fluffy, air filled bread. At 100 calories each, you don't have to feel guilty about eating them either.
First, I cooked the burgers in the microwave according to the directions(2 minutes!) and placed on bottom half of the bun. Then I scooped out an avocado and mashed it up and spread about 1/2 the avocado on top of each burger. I then placed some onions on top of the avocado, followed by a few slices of tomato, lettuce and topped off with a tablespoon or two of chunky salsa. No need for mayo or any other fattening condiments.
These have been a HUGE hit around here, and you can't get much easier for a fast, quick summer meal!