Sunday, January 11, 2009


I LOVE smoothies! They are by far my favorite breakfast food. My blender died a few months back and I have been yearning for my beloved smoothies. My dear husband came to the rescue by getting me a blender for Christmas. So we are once again in the daily smoothie making mode. Never mind that it is freezing cold out, I sip on mine in front of the blazing fire place. A smoothie with a piece of toast with peanut butter fills me up till lunch time.

You can make just about any kind you like using your favorite fruits, but one of my favorites is this.

Banana, Orange and Pineapple
1/4 cup frozen orange juice concentrate
about 2 cups milk(you can use soy!)
2 bananas
1 cup vanilla yogurt
a couple of handfuls of frozen pineapple
about 3 tablespoons honey
ice cubes if you like yours thicker
I just mix all in the blender until smooth.
makes 2-3 servings
Another favorite, at least by the kids is this:
Strawberry Banana
2 cups milk
2 bananas
1 cup vanilla yogurt
about 3 tablespoons honey
2 big handfuls frozen strawberries
Again, just mix and enjoy!
Makes 2-3 servings
You can use just about any mixture of fruits, yogurt and beverage you like. Be sure to add honey for sweetness! You can also add flax, wheat germ, protein powder and other nutritional supplements.
If you are using fresh or canned fruit, be sure to add extra ice cubes for thickness.