Saturday, October 18, 2008

Quick and Easy and CHEAP!!

I cook from scratch probably 95-99% of the time. But sometimes due to time or energy I will break open a box or cellophane wrap and zap something in the microwave. Not too often mind you, although with one particular product I find myself doing it more and more.

Wild Oats(AKA Henry's in SoCal) makes a yummy instant rice noodle soup! Thai Noodle Cart also makes one although it is over a dollar versus 59 cents for this one.

It is not quite filling enough to satisfy bigger hungers on it's own and a little plain, but I spruce it up a little by sauteing a bit of cabbage and onions in a little sesame oil and add to it.

If you're needing a little protein boost top with a scrambled egg and bean sprouts. Yum! This has been my lunch daily for this past week or more, I am hooked!(minus the egg)


Red said...

This is one area that I have been good about. If I microwave once a week that is a busy week for me.

My daughter and I have started to reheat things on the stove. Yes, it takes a bit more planning and more dirty dishes, and a tough transition, but we are getting the hang of it.

If it were not for son and hubby, the microwave would be long gone by now.