Monday, July 7, 2008

A Better Burger

No recipe today, but I just had to share this!

I have been a Boca Burger fan for years. Actually, never caring for meat much to begin with, it really didn't matter what was between the bun, what I liked was all the condiments: Pickles, tomatoes, avacados, alfalfa sprouts, lettuce, and red onion. If some really good cheddar cheese is available, I'll take that too, but forget that American Cheese stuff, no thanks...

Anyway after many rave reviews and recommendations, thanks to a new friends dinner invitation, I finallly got to try one of these:

This is SO yummy!! And unlike the Boca Burger, it actually has a taste! It is made from Sunflower Seeds, Black Beans, and other healthy, all organic ingrediants! Did I mention it was yummy? It really is!

I wont ever eat a Boca Burger again, it just wont stand up!

If you are looking to replace beef, this probaly isn't for you, doesn't resemble meat in the slightest, it has it's own unique quite yummy taste. I actually really love these, try them, I am sure you will too!!


The Cooking Lady said...

I will have to check my local, nes health food store. I know that our locla grocery store, does not carry these burgers.

My daughter uses Boca burgers, but will try these for sure.

jd said...

Oh yum!

I love "Sunshine" veggie burgers, too :)

The "Southwest" flavor is my favorite - I was really distraught when my local Whole Foods stopped carrying them! However, I've since been able to find them at other stores...

You should definitely try one with guacamole, tomato, jalapenos, & onion, it's delish!