Sunday, May 18, 2008

Spag. and Pizza, and Pizza Pockets!!

This one is another easy and tasty idea. With this one you get at least two meals from one night of cooking!
In the morning I put 2 medium sized cans of tomato sauce along with a small can of paste into the crock pot. I also add a tablespoon of soy sauce(sounds odd, but it gives it extra flavor!) a teaspoon of salt, a small handful of brown sugar and half a handful(1-2 tablespoons maybe?) of the following: Basil, Oregano, and a bit less Thyme. A couple good shakes with the garlic powder finishes it off.
I let it simmer on low all day and at dinner we have spaghetti along with homemade garlic or foccacia bread and a salad!
The next day I make pizza and pizza pockets using the leftover sauce. For the pizza I use a recipe included with my bread machine for the dough and top with cheese and veggies. Sometimes I will add pepperoni or veggie meatless balls ground up.
For the pizza pockets I make a the dough in the bread machine using a recipe for white bread (NOT pizza dough for these!)
I separate the dough into eight pieces and roll each one into a round shape. I add a big slice of Mozzarella Cheese, a tablespoon of Ricotta and a tablespoon of the spaghetti sauce from the previous night. I fold over and pinch edges with a fork to seal. Let rise for an hour and bake at 350-400 for 20-30 minutes.
When cool, I put in individual freezer bags and again, the kids have ready made lunches to heat in the microwave. These are WAY yummier than any store bought varieties and healthier too.
You can add anything else that suits your fancy, pepperoni, veggies, etc....
My son came up with a good variation the other night: Rather than separate the dough he rolled it all out into a rectangle. He spread with mustard and topped it with sliced ham and pepperoni and cheese. He folded the top over and baked right away. After it cooled a little he sliced it into individual servings!
I like cooking this way, cooking one night and getting 2-3 meals out of it! Saves time, money and the temptation to order out!